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[Recruitment] Line Producer

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– Fully responsible for production execution and management of the 3D animated TV series. Highly involved in planing and supervising the animation project, ensuring the efficiency and quality of the final output.

– Monitor production plan and coordinate resource as needed.

– Evaluate and monitor project budget, and ensure reasonable control of the budget. Running project strictly following company standard process, ensuring implementation of the contract and payment.

– Responsible for arrange, classify and store project materials.

– Develop a manageable and controllable workflow for the project. and develop a good communication scheme between core team members and other departments.

– Work with marketing department to manage and control content to meet distribution and commercialization demand.



– Over 3 years experience as producer in large scale CG/FX film project. Fully understand all processes in animation production, from pre-production to post-production.

– Enthusiastic about animation industry. Strong sense of professional ethics, responsibility. Good at collaboration, communication, command, planing, creation, writing. Able to work under pressure and being active, honest, dedicate, precise.

– Able to predict and handle risks and changes in the project.

– Good at English, Chinese and Korean speaking and writing.

– High quality resource in animation industry is a plus.


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• Recruitment Process

– Apply with Korean and English (or Chinese) resume and selected candidates would be invited for interviews


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