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Location/Based: South Korea

Job Openning: 1

Job category: Sales, Business development

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for designing and implementing strategic sales plan to achieve sales performance in Korean area;
  • Responsible for expanding company presence and establishing collaboration ecology for Tencent Cloud in Korean market;
  • Responsible for improving customer satisfaction and market share/coverage in gaming industry in Korean market;

Requirements & qualifications:

  • Familiar with Korean game market, experienced with local customer development and have ever worked on large scale project(3~5 years of working experiences);
  • Solid understanding of business needs of Korean customer in game industry, capable of communicating with customers in CIOs, CTOs and CEOs level;
  • Establish, maintain and strengthen long-term excellent relationships with target customers;
  • Developing effective marketing strategy and plans to improve customer acquisition and sales performance;
  • Excellent skills in communication and coordination, capable of working under high pressure, possess strong execution ability;
  • Being active and efficient, strong self-driven on thinking, optimizing, innovating, accurately understanding and executing;
  • Professional proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing for both local language and Chinese;
  • Candidates with independent and successful BD experience on large scale project in Korean market is preferable;

Recruitment Process

  • Apply with Korean and English (or Chinese) resume and selected candidates would be invited for interviews

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